Friday, September 2, 2011

sippy cups + words

Sooo, I went for it... Although we had just moved and were in new place (my parents house) I decided to take the plunge and make the bottles DISAPPEAR. It was the best decision I have EVER made. We decided that Andie's first birthday would be the last time she would see a bottle. I'm not over exaggerating when I say she has slept through the night every night since. When I say through the night I mean 10-13 hours straight. This is also sleeping in a new place and in a pack-n-play instead of her usual crib. I'm so proud of her, and am so thrilled I have gotten 3 weeks worth of GREAT sleep!

In other news, Andie is really coming out of her shell. She is by far the HARDEST person to make smile. I stand there, make faces, shimmy, ANYTHING to try and get her to smile and she won't. She just looks at you like and total idiot. BUT, the past few weeks she has really started to liven up! Not, only that but she is getting a lot more verbal too. These are a list of her favorite words to say (mind you they are not on command always, but if you say them she will usually repeat them in a sweet little whisper.)





Thank you



nana (banana)

nigh night

Pop (Grandpa Marshall)

PAPA (Grandpa Zwahlen)

mama (Grandma Zwahlen)




love you

And she can pick her nose when I ask her where her nose is. It is so amazing how dramatic the changes are week to week. This is such a fun time!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthday version 2.0

As I stated in my last post Andie had a slew of Birthday parties. The last of the three was a BASH! My brother Rod his wife Hil and Andie's best friend/cousin Landon were in town as well. Rod's birthday was on the 20th so we decided to have a double celebration. Double the FUN!!

The birthday people

4 generations... So glad MY grandma Silva could come! (Notice how the beautiful dark hair and olive skin fades with each generation haha.)

Opening gifts... Andie LOVED the pillow pet her cousin Landon got her. Thanks "L".

Cake time! Landon would lick off all the frosting (with the cupcake stil intact) and say "cake, more, cake, more".... Meanwhile Andie slaughtered hers.

Rebecca and Steve some of our best friends also came to the party with their ADORABLE little boy Christopher. Andie kept kissing him and giving him hugs (the marriage is already arranged.) What is it about diapered babies that makes you want to squish them?!?

The kids had a BLAST in the pool. Andie has no fear and will literally walk right in the pool. Im torn on weather I like the fact that she is so unafraid or if I am terrified of it. A little of both I guess.

Thanks everyone for coming and sharing this special day with Andie!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Girl

So this should really be broken down into 3 posts, but we will keep it to 2. Andie turned the big O-N-E on August 13th and had ohhhhh THREE birthday parties. Why not eh... you only turn 1 once! The first one was held at my most favorite breakfast place on the PLANET, Magleby's Fresh. Their buttermilk pancakes (a little under done) with the buttermilk syrup and a side of whipped cream is TO DIE FOR! Any-who... Jennie made Andie the most thoughtful gift EVER! While Brady and I were in Salt Lake one afternoon Jennie offered to "watch" Andie for us. Well little did we know she was having a little mini photo shoot with her and some ADORABLE outfits (those pictures will come when I get them!) Carlee, Jennie's friend was the photographer and did such a great job. They took a bunch of the photos and put them in a cute photo book as well as putting some others in a frame. Such a sweet idea and a wonderful gift! PS, Jennie also gave Andie the ADORABLE skirt and "Birthday Girl" hat she has on in all of the photos... What would we do without you Jen??

Andie and the soccer girls

The second party we had was the day after arriving in CA. Lisa and Heather had planned the cutest party for Andie. We had lots of Family over for a BBQ, swimming, and FUN!

Pop and Andie saying she's "1"!

Andie, Brady and I

Andie and my attempt at making a mini 3-layer cake

Andie in shock over her Jack-in-the-box

Andie loves her Great Grandma and Grandpa

Thank you Anutie Heather for the BEST baby pool ever!!

Andie LOVES the pool so much. I think we may have an olympian on our hands!

I can't believe she is already 1... This year has flown by, but it has been one amazing year getting to know our little princess! XOXO Andie!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Our married life so far has consisted of a move from Idaho to Utah, Utah to CA, CA back to Utah....And now Utah back to CA! We LOVE moving so much! PSH. But I need to work, so we are back in Modesto now while Brady does BYU Independent study this fall.

While we were in Hermosa Beach Andie chased after Landon ALL day long, and I think she realized that the chasing would be much more efficient and less painful if she did it on her feet as opposed to on her butt/leg/knee. We returned home and the next day she TOOK OFF! And I mean took off. She has not looked back since. I have only seen hints of the "pirate crawl" maybe once a day, but other than that she is on her feet 24/7. Here is a little of the action....

When we originally decided to move we were all going to pack Brady's car and drive Brady, Andie and I. I was not super thrilled to have Andie in the car for a grueling 12 hour (that would quickly turn into 15+ hours) drive. UGH. Little did we know Grandma Marshall "Lolli" was going to be flying to Utah the day before we had planned to leave to catch Jennie's Blue/White soccer game. Soooooo, we begged her to fly home with Andie (thank heaven's she still flies free!) Of course Lolli was SUCH a good sport about it and didn't even bat an eye. We all know how stressful it is to fly with a baby ALONE! We are so grateful for her, because Brady and I made it to CA in under 11 hours and enjoyed every second of peace and quiet. Thank you Lolli!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Green smoothies???

Ok, so my sister in law hilary is the organic/health queen. I have to say I have only walked into Whole Foods twice (both times with hil). My trips there usually go something like this. What are Hemp chips? how do you pronounce quinoa? Kifer sounds like something I would NEVER want to drink. And I usually end up buying their kettle corn or whole wheat organic something or other that is loaded with enough sugar that I swear having a piece of normal chocolate cake would be healthier. But, I will say their salad bar/food section is AWESOME! Better than any other grocery store by far.

Back to my blog topic... while we were on vacation last week my husband blurted out something I NEVER thought I would hear; "Hey Hil can we get some of your green smoothie recipes?" Jigga what?? Her more than skeptical reaction was very expected but we all soon realized he was serious indeed. So as soon as we touched down in Utah we were off to the grocery store to buy our various fruits and veggies to try this "green smoothie". I have to say we were both VERY pleasantly surprised!
Before After

Brady and Andie's reaction to the first sip.

So, Andie is a really good sport about trying new things. She used to eat anything, but now she has become a little more picky. So I tricked her into having a sip and she actually seemed to like it.... until this...

Sooooo, we ended up resorting to her breakfast of choice.

Overall the green smoothie was a HIT for Brady and I. We have had it for breakfast 2 mornings in a row now, and plan to have it as often as we can! Thanks hil for the healthy ideas and a great way to get all the fruits and veggies you need in a DELISH and surprisingly sweet way!

Hil has so many other great recipes on her blog... Check it out!